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hastened on to Madrid, where a community had been already established by Peter of Medina, the same who was despatched into Spain at the time of the dispersion from Prouille. Ecclesiastics, professors no less than students, yielded to the magical charm of his eloquence. Dominic did not take the Canon's habit till the year 1198, when he would have been twenty-eight years of age, and imagines him to have spent the intervening years teaching at Palencia. Profoundly afflicted as he had been at the discouragement of his brethren, he could not at once dismiss the impression it had left on his heart.

Thus the ancient authors speak of Bertrand as "the beloved companion of Dominic " the dearest associate in all his labours " the' sharer in his devotions bertrand OF garrigua. To appreciate the spirit that Reginald Brought with him, and which he found means to infuse into those over whom he was now placed, we must remember what had been his previous position and life in the world. Dominic was well satisfied with their sincerity; / nevertheless he thought it well to add one precaution against further relapse. He resolved to let the excitement exhaust itself a little before taking any new measure ; and a day or two afterwards proceeded to the convent, where, having said Mass, he assembled all the religious in Chapter, and addressed them at considerable length. But the faction of the Albigenses was so strong within the city, that the brethren had for a time to retire. Enlightened from on high, he understood that this prayer would be the most powerful conclusion.

According to his custom the saint bowed his head in prayer, bidding the other pray with him. The only incident recorded of the journey is amusingly related by Castiglio, who, however, does not inform us where it took place. It was a deeply touching spectacle to all present, and to Dominic himself one of profound and singular emotion. The tenderness with vhich his heart overflowed made him all charity to his neighbour, all compassion for the unfortunate. Doubtless among the feudal rulers of the land many Vtre to be found who exhibited the true virtues of chivalry, THE truce OF GOD. But to be able to do what he did belongs not to the ordinary strength of man, but only to a singular and special grace. Moreover he adds, "we know well, that for relaxation and liberty there will always be ten thousand persons ready to do great things, but for virtue not one willing to stir a step." However, as we 2l6 THE madonna. The records of the family preserve the memory of a long line of warriors and statesmen, whose names fill an honourable place in the history of their country. On such occasions he says, " Brother Dominic would whisper to me, 'Why do you kill the brethren with these pittances? Neglect, its disuse between the time.

Over that ancient bridge his feet must have passed times out of mind as he went forth on his errands of charity. 2 To this day in the convent garden of Agosta may be seen the trunk, now dried up and barren, but still sending forth the odour of cypress. Austin, " whilst the jbody was refreshed, the soul also might have its proper food." The house was to be poor and simple, having " no curiosities or notable superfluities, such as sculpture, pave- ments, and the. Added ' that never had he tasted better figs.' Then replied the Pontiff, ' Grammercy to Master Dominic, for they were not gathered in your garden as though he had said, * God did at that time produce them.'. With the approbation of the abbot, Joanna began a novena, spending not her days only, but her nights also in the church, the hard pavement of which was her only bed. Entering the church he laid his sword on the altar, and remained there for some time in prayer: then taking back the weapon, as now no longer his, but God's, he proceeded to Saverdun and there spent the night in confession and preparation for death. At the same time his care and devotion were lavished on his children, whom he strove to form to sanctity. Summer and winter he wore the same tunic, which was very old and patched, and his mantle was of the worst." He not only required his brethren to live on alms, but himself very often went on the quest.


The words. All things in their respective positions were changed, save Dominic himself; but Fulk could have detected no difference between the apostle of Languedoc and the master of the Friars Preachers, save in the adoption of a yet poorer. Nevertheless the brethren sat down to table, and were preparing to content themselves with their crusts, when two beautiful youths entered the refectory, carrying in the folds of their garments fresh loaves, which they distributed in silence, beginning at the upper table, where. It would -seem that these religious were not those who came from Italy with the saint, but some young Castilian novices who had been attracted to him by the fame of his eloquence and miracles, but whose fervour cooled. It was dedicated by him. It will be observed that in the narrative as given above Brother Roger is named as discharging the office of pro- curator. Often, in rapture, he was seen raised above the ground ; his hands then moved to and fro as though receiving something from God, and he was heard exclaiming, Hear, O Lord, the voice. " It was not to be writes William de Puylaurens, " that the work of preaching, which had been begun so happily, should be 64 fulk OF toulouse. In the end, however, the prudence and patience of Father Matthew were amply rewarded.

Dominic as being present in Milan on the nth of June. 222 deliverance oossessed woman. There was everywhere 156 foundation OF THE order proposed. And the impetuosity of that great flood, throwing itself on the heresies that stemmed its way, flowed on far and wide, and broke into many a stream that watered the garden of the Church." 7 But there is another. Dominic, she one day went to hear him out of curiosity, and even received one of the rosaries he was accustomed to distribute among his audience. But he replied with his usual equanimity, "We have no need of soldiers to defend us; I see standing round the church more than two hundred angels who are sent to guard." And indeed, when the friends. Preserved in that convent, he tells us that the saint did not confine his ministrations to those of mature years ; but that he loved to instruct in the faith the children of the peasantry, teaching.

2Q to his plighted word were by no means necessary charac- teristics of the belted knight, nor did the want of these qualities earn for him any special mark of contempt. 2O3 the entire observance of that rule of life which was first established. Ajjhfiir-feuds, and to unite their hearts in mutual charity. Nothing disturbed by the accident, but praising God as was his custom when suffering any mischance, the saint came to the house of a good woman who was used to offer him hospitality, and who held him in the greatest. I8 7 writes his chaplain, William de Puy- Laurens, " have I heard the last Count of Toulouse, although his deadly ene- my, speak in praise of the courage, the fidelity, and the magnanimity of the Count de Montfort. By none was the unsatisfactory result of these negotiations more keenly felt than by Peter of Castelnau, who was accustomed to say that religion would never again raise its head in Languedoc till the soil had. 479 the table of the Cross, where full of holy desires they fed on souls in My honour.

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USE OF pater nosters. If anything remain over at the ado minet gay plan cul pontault year's end, let them give it back, that it may be applied to the adornment of the said parish churches, or the relief of the poor, according as the bishop shall see fit. The ancient chapel, wherein were 140. Moreover, human respect, the tyrant of modern society, had not yet assumed the upper hand, and the comparative simplicity of manners then existing left men free to act on any impulse that moved within them without greatly caring what the world might say. 227 and devout cloisters, surrounding the quadrangle with its ancient well, are the same which once re-echoed with the footsteps of the saint, and not far from the entrance stands the orange-tree planted by his hands, the leaves.


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