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, its usually Édith Piaf. (S)he will jump, kick and hit others at break neck speed while making Funny Bruce Lee Noises. Unfortunately, they are usually the victim of the white mans greed and colonialism. Q: Why did the Russian steal two cars in Germany? Japan also managed to provide some universally famous products like Nintendo, Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Hello Kitty. German music comes in several variations: deeply serious and sentimental romantic classical music (Ludwig van Beethoven, Franz Schubert, Robert Schumann, Felix Mendelssohn obnoxiously loud and pompous Teutonic noise (Richard Wagner experimental and unenjoyable classical music (Karlheinz Stockhausen, Kurt Weill. Noble Male, Roguish Male: The above characters provide a great example of the polarized way in which British males are often presented in culture generally that is, they are designed and depicted as being from either the very top (upper.

Most locations Israel (and Palestine) are known for are in essence temples or holy sites, like Bethlehem, Mount Zion, Masada, Al-Asqa Mosque, The Lions Gate, King Davids Tomb, the Armenian Quarter, The Wailing Wall, The Church of the Holy. Its famous for its high salt level which makes people able to float on it without being able to sink. The Netherlands The Netherlands is often referred to as Holland, while this is actually only two of the countrys twelve provinces. The Savage South, Southern Gothic and Lovecraft Country: If the South is portrayed in a negative light it will be a setting for crime and horror stories. Chinese female characters are nearly always portrayed as heroic, alluring, either very sexy or very cute and highly proficient at the more acrobatic, elegant forms of Kung Fu, a depiction no doubt inspired by the original, pioneering video. Homer: cackles Oh, they got our number! Truth in Television thanks to the great 19th century impressionistic artists like Pierre-August Renoir, Claude Monet, Edouard Manet, Paul C?zanne, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Gustave Courbet, Jean-Fran?ois Millet, Edgar Degas, Paul Gauguin, Whenever a scene takes place. Regarding the Arab-Israeli Conflict: Team Israels view: Israel is a plucky little freedom-loving democracy constantly under threat from evil Palestinian terrorists who love throwing rocks and bombs around.

Germanic Efficiency and Germanic Depressives: Germans have a reputation for being highly organized, ruthlessly efficient, bureaucratic, and deadly serious to the point that foreigners assume they lack a sense of humor. Everything made.S.A. They all eat Kraft dinner (macaroni and cheese). Romanians and other Eastern Europeans tend to see Turks as shrewd merchants, food shop keepers and peddlers of all fakes imaginable in the world. Japans involvement in WorldWarTwo also lead to a number of stereotypes: the stern and merciless Japanese officer, the sadistic soldiers, gruesome medical experiments in death camps, kamikaze pilots flying to their death, For many older British and American people this is the cultural referent.

The 1964 film Zorba The Greek has fed the image that all Greeks love to dance the Sirtaki. Its known as the home town of Coca Cola and the Atlanta Airport. Greeks and Turks have a rivalry that goes back many centuries when both countries went to war against each other. More modern stereotypical images of black Africans are the starving little child and the mother with multiple starving kids with flies swarming all over them, probably in some sort of refugee camp or hospital. See Peoples Republic of Tyranny. For centuries, the Netherlands was called a tolerant nation. The Troubles between Catholics, Protestants, and their respective terrorist organisations.R.A./I.N.L.A. It used to be just that big flat area people hurried through to get to the Rockies. When attempting to demonstrate Chinese might/threat, there is always this giant dragon with big, fat china written on its body which design shows absolutely no attempt to note that Chinese dragons and Western ones are not the same at all. A complex plot will be simplified and the trailers for American audiences will focus more on low-brow comedy, explosions and violent action sequences.


Poland had the largest Jewish population in the world until, well, those Nazis again. They will ususally be kept in power by Western governments to support their own benefits in the countries. For instance: a Libyan character will be wearing the same Cool Shades he did. William Telling: Expect a William Tell reference at some point. New Mexico is further known for being a former testing ground for atomic bombs and a military top secret base where the government hides extraterrestrial aliens ever since the 1947 Roswell incident. Sometimes they are also depicted as having an eccentric taste: eating snails (escargots) and frog legs. Type 2 examples are more numerous, the most obvious being Rufus of Street Fighter fame, who is morbidly obese, arrogant, very dim, chats absolute crap and has moves with sci-fi names (Galactic Tornado, Space Opera Symphony). Frenchmen will also be portrayed as being too lazy or too arrogant to actually help anybody.

Sweden also shares the dubious distinction of inspiring expressions in other languages: The Spanish word Hacerse el sueco (Literally Playing Swede, meaning intentionally playing dumb ). Utah: See Mormonism, because nobody knows or mentions anything else about this state besides its Salt Lake or, for older people, the The Osmonds. Between the 1940s and 1970s the country was also known for Hammer Horror, Carry On, The Pink Panther and quirky comedies in the style of the Ealing Studios. All these aspects and the small size of the country has caused other countries to not take them very seriously. Hairdressers will often be Italians. The word pogrom is even Russian. In (beat em up) videogames, American fighters (generally) come in one of two flavours, adhering to the distinct types presented by the Eagleland trope: Type 1 examples will often positively portray the all-American hero, and include patriotic, military powerhouse.

Other German cities that foreigners might remember are Münich (only during Oktoberfest. If they are a bit better off they are portrayed as servants, butlers, cooks, shoe shiners, or Mammy maids. In either way he will be involved in all kinds of shady conspiracy theories which plan the overthrowal of foreign regimes that disobey Washingtons orders by organizing new wars to please the American gun lobby. This is more or less Truth in Television, fast-food joints selling French fries (and also cooked mussels and other sea food) abound in the entire country. Either way, likely to be depicted as socially conservative but politically liberal, closer to earth Good Old Boy types, all of whom are Lutheran and Swedish. And since A Serbian Film they are not likely to gain a reputation for good taste any time soon Montenegrins are allergic to work and youll never see one stand up or, God forbid, walk somewhere.

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Of course, many foreigners immediately make the narrow minded connection that this has something to do with Germanys reputation for evilness and/or depressing stories. New Hampshire: Libertarians who sell alcohol at highway rest stops (in stores operated by the state, no less) and dont require you to wear your seat belt while in a car. The Chinese are also pioneers of invention: paper, ink, gun powder, fireworks, the compass, the wheel barrow, the printing press, windmills, paper money, and were pioneers in clock making, hydraulica, astronomy, shipping, farming, music theory, military science, Throughout history. A group of people who had strange and frightening traditions and could not be trusted in any way. Bulgarian singing is also noticeable for its hypnotic rural atmosphere. He believes every word in the Bible literally, denounces the evolution theory and will engage in exorcisms, magical healings, river baptisms and stuff that is a mix between fraud and superstition. South Asia South Asia and South-East Asia are known for their wildlife: The mountainous areas of Mongolia, Tibet and Southern Russia will be full of yaks. The cheerful Japanese Tourist who films and photographs everything in sight. SEXE GAY MINET COUPLE LIBERTIN LYON

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When they travel, its usually by horse or canoe. If a Greek doesnt own a shipping empire he will be cast as a restaurant owner. Thanks to the French Revolution and all the uprisings that followed ever since (from the Communards in the 19th century to the May 1968 student demonstrations the French also have a reputation for being revolutionaries, active in La Résistance, spilling their blood on the barricades. Wales Welsh people are often regarded as stoic, somewhat dull grosse bite ttbm plan cul sur poitiers people. College students will be wearing a student beret (a tradition that doesnt exist in non-English speaking universities).